Lost item(s) : Accessories for a sewing machine and Batman yellow belt and black gloves at Brussels Charleroi airport (Belgium)

Lost item

Description of lost item(s) : Hello, good morning,

Please note that 3 days ago on Sunday 4th of June during the luggage control check before my flight from Charleroi I forgot in the box from the security check, the following items:
-Connection cables + 1 pack accessories for a sewing machine (Brother KE20s)
-accessories for a carnival costume (Batman yellow belt and black gloves)
-a paper rolled HR test result
(Possible other small items that were in the same box and I don’t remember)
I will return to Charleroi today around 13h and I hope to recover them please. I also called the airport contct center on Monay and I was told the items found are kept for 40 days.
I am sure they were found because in the same box that day I forgot my mobile phone, I returned immediately after it, but as I forgot to mention the other items, the guard gave me back only the phone and not the rest (donnow why?!). The connection cables for the sewing machine are very important because for this specific model I cannot buy them separately so please I need them back as a priority.
Thank you very much and see you later today.
D****la L***a

Color : White, yellow, black, paper
Brand : Brother cabling nd accessories for sewing machine
Model : KE20S
Material : Plastic, paper, felter

Location of loss : In the box from Security Control Area

Date of loss : 06/04/2023

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