Lost item(s) : Bag in baggage check for train to London from Paris. And a passport on Platform 5 outside the train to London at 19:13

Lost item

Description of lost item(s) : Hello, on the 14th February 2023 I was travelling on the 19:13 train at Platorm 5 to London StPancreas. When going through security, I (British passport owner) left my bag in the bag check. It is a cross the shoulder small bag with gold zips and River Island branding. Inside I had a mug, a black bracelet and a blue bracelet and possibly other items including a key. Could you help me to locate this?
Also, my friend (non British passport) believes he has dropped his passport on Platform 5. His name is Kemo Buba Kanyi and the passport was administered in Sweden, with a current UK residence. Please could you get back in contact with any helpful information, thank you.
Contact info – 07471500711
Thankyou, Eva.

Color : Black and burgundy
Brand : River island and Passport

Location of loss : Baggage check for the train to London at 19:13 (British passport holders).

A passport dropped on the platform 5 outside the train departing to London at 19:13.

Date of loss : 02/14/2023

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