Lost item(s) : Bank card at Banngkok Don Mueang airport (Thaïland)

Lost item

Description of lost item(s) : Financial services card with my name on it. Number of card ends with 1273.

Color : Green, light
Brand : Wise/VISA
Model : n/a
Material : plastic?

Location of loss : 1. Washrooms, departure and arrival
2. Aeroportel counter
3. Air Asia check-in counter
4. Bench on basement level outside (same floor of refillable water dispenser)

I kept the card in a transparent ziplock bag, with nothing else.
City : Bangkok and Kolkata

Item(s) lost in transport
From : DMK
To : CCU
Departure time : 22:55
Arrival time : 23:55

Date of loss : 11/09/2023

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