Lost item(s) : Black backpack with white lettering, “Baylor Scott & White Healthcare System.” Train station on 05-02-2023

Lost item

Description of lost item(s) : Black backpack, similar to a school backpack. There was white lettering with the title, "Baylor Scott & White Healthcare System," and underneath that, "Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas." Inside the main pocket, was a black makeup case (my wife's). In the outer, smaller pocket was a white AT&T external phone charger. There was a sunglass case on the side pocket.

Color : Black
Brand : No brand

Material : Some type of standard mesh material.

Location of loss : Possibly on the second floor of the station, by the food court. It was a small restaurant / cafe', but I do not remember the name. It was close to the "end" of the station, by a small pizzeria. We had lunch there, prior to the 8916 Italia train from Rome to Firenze on 05-02-2023.

Item(s) lost in transport
From : Roma Termini
To : Firenze
Departure time : Approximately 1300
Arrival time : Approximately 1500

Date of loss : 02/05/2023

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