Lost item(s) : Black hand-shoulderbag in Rio de Janeiro airport (Brazil)

Lost item

Description of lost item(s) : The bag is in imitated leather. The size approximately 40x 30 cm, with shoulderstraps,

The bag contains:
An Olympus camera
2 black purses containing 80-100 Euros, 2 creditcards for DNB, 1 for Eurocard, an european Health.card etc,
1 braun purse, empty
1 Kindle reading table.
private items like pensils, notebook, calender, etc

Color : Black
Brand : An Olympus camera

Material : Imitated leather

Location of loss : The bag was lost 29 Oct in Rio de Janeiro airport, terminal 2 in connection with waiting for boarding at flight TPO72, departure 22:10. The loss was reported when discovered just before boarding and reported to the patroling airportpoliceman and TAB agent at the gate.
There is only 3 possible places where it might have been lost; one bar just after entrance after security control, the lavatory for ladies or a restaurant near the gate 15, I went back to the latest place, but they had not seen the bag.
City : Rio Janeiro, Brasil

Item(s) lost in transport
From : Rio Janeiro Gm terminal 2,
To : Rio Janeiro G, terminal 2
Departure time : 29 Oct. 22:10 a'clock
Arrival time : 29 Oct. approx. 20 a'clock

Date of loss : 10/29/2023

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