Lost item(s) : Black hard cover suitcase with yellow scarf on handle at the Brussels Airport (Belgium)

Lost item

Description of lost item(s) : Black hard cover suits case from Muji and there’s a yellow scarf with the handle.
It’s been 5days since I lost and I’ve been contacting staff of Brussels airline and airport for lost baggage yet it has never worked so please read this and send my luggage as soon as possible to Copenhagen since I’m having health issues.

My report reference number is BR*****7.
My name is Y**i Su******hi.
Baggage tag is LH45***8.
It is the Black Hard cover* suitcase from MUJI (does not have any logo) with the yellow scarf on the handle.
*the info on the report attached shows soft but it is actually hard cover.
(Bag type is referred as 22rhw according to the report from Brussels airline.)

The luggage tag number
I have been making numerous phone calls and emails to staff of lost and found but they are not answering. So this is my only hope that I can get this back. I truly hope you read this and reply me and send my suitcase. I’ve been having health issues since I have daily medicines inside.
it is mistakenly made a report that they’ve already send my suitcase with the flight SN2257 on 28th to Copenhagen, yet as contacted with staff in Brussels airlines and Copenhagen airport lost and found, they says it is till at Brussels airport as well. However the report status has never been changed that I assume my bag is not taken cared anymore.
Please please please send my suitcase or at least take care of it and notify me the situation.

Color : Black
Brand : Muji ( doesn’t have any logos or signs or pet terms on the surface)

Material : Hard cover

Location of loss : The GPS shows that the suitcase is still at Brussels airport.

Date of loss : 08/28/2023

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