Lost item(s) : Black iphone in black case in a taxi from Palma de Mallorca airport (Spain)

Lost item

Description of lost item(s) :

On Tuesday, October 3, about 21:00, we took a taxi from Palma airport to Carrer della pescateria 6. Our driver was Michael (Miguel) from Senegal, a very pleasant and helpful person.. There were three of us Americans, Domenico (Domingo), Michael, and David J****on who paid for the ride with a credit card.. David thinks he dropped his cell phone in the back seat somewhere. It needs a code to use it. We went to the airport by bus today to inquire if anyone had turned it in to the lost and found and also asked many other taxi drivers if they knew of Michael, which is how we got the phone number +34*****414. We called many times today but were not able to get through.

We hope that Michael the driver found it and that it can be returned to us. We can arrange to meet Michael or any other driver at a convenient time and place. We will be leaving to return to the USA in a few days so hope that we can get it back soon as possible.

Many, many thanks for any assistance you can provide.

David Jo*****n, Domenico M*****ti

Color : Black
Brand : Apple iphone

Location of loss : in a taxi from the airport on Tuesday evening, October 3 going to Carrer della Pescateria, 6. Palma
City : Palma

Item(s) lost in transport
From : Palma airport taxi stationa
To : Carrer della Pescaeria 6, Palma
Departure time : 20:00
Arrival time : 20:30

Date of loss : 10/03/2023

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