Lost item(s) : Black portable seat cushion, brand: Purple

Lost item

Description of lost item(s) : This is the item: https://purple.com/seat-cushions/car

We lost it on the lightrail 28 from Arninge to Stockholms Öster at about 17:30, 18 February 2023. We were in the very front car, and it was on the seats on the left side of the car. It wasn’t the first set of seats, reserved for older individuals, but the next set of four seats.

The item is a black portable cushion–if you unzip it you find a purple gel grid. The brand is Purple. There are two handles on either side of the cushion for easy carrying.

Color : black
Brand : Purple
Model : https://purple.com/seat-cushions/car
Material : Cloth cover over a gel grid. Two fabric handles on either side.

Location of loss : 18 Feb 2023, light rail 28 from Arninge to Stockholms Södra, in the first car, in the seats on the left side of the car, second set of seats back.
City : Stockholm

Item(s) lost in transport
From : Arninge
To : Stockholms Östra
Departure time : 17:09
Arrival time : 17:30

Date of loss : 02/18/2023

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