Lost item(s) : Black pull-along bag with telescopic handle and ID tag attached at its base in Milano Cetrale station (Italy)

Lost item

Description of lost item(s) : Medical items and cords for hearing aids
Dental appliance in light blue container
Book on Italian Wines
Book on Tuscany
Bose noise cancelling headset
Clothes/papers/soft drinks
Side pouches contain battery-

Color : Pull-along bag is black canvas with two side pouches that are zippered

Material : Black canvas bag is zippered

Location of loss : Bag was lost in Milano Cetrale either while on the escalators where I fell while reaching the train level to board Trenord going to Como S. Giovanni on 05-05-2023 from 14:59 or on the train or while getting off the Seonda Classe at C.S. Giovanni
City : Please see above

Item(s) lost in transport
From : Milano Centrale Trenord Seonda Classe
To : Como S. Giovanni via Monza/Seregno
Departure time : Ticket purchased at 14:49 in Centrale
Arrival time : Arrival at 16:22 in C.S. Giovanni

Date of loss : 05/05/2023

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