Lost item(s) : Black rectangular cosmetic bag at Vancouver airport (Canada)

Lost item

Description of lost item(s) : Departed on Oct-02-23 from Vancouver to Reykjavik from gate D53 on Icelandair – seat 6F.

I went to the washroom across from gate D53 and just outside the washroom there was a horizontal ledge that stretched for 20 to 30 feet I guess. it was right across from D53 gate. I was talking on the phone and left the black cosmetic bag on the ledge and didn't realize it until I was on the flight!!

The black rectangular bag about 6'" by 4" zippered shut and contained many lipsticks, a white feathering pencil for lips and perfume and I think an eye glass cleaner and I think a small mirror, nail files etc

Color : black
Brand : don't remember
Model : N/A
Material : heavy plastic type

Location of loss : On a ledge outside the ladies washroom across from gate D53 – to Reykjavik Iceland – boarding at 14:50 October 02/23
City : Vancouver BC

Date of loss : 10/02/2023

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