Lost item(s) : Black school bag left in McDonald’s in Firenze station Florence (Italy)

Lost item

Description of lost item(s) : Black school bag with gray neck airport pillow.there are three bags in there one for skin care, one with make up brushes and one with underwear and scarves. There is also a Gucci dress in there and a brown bra. It was left in the McDonald’s at the train station, Firenze station. In one of the bags the make up brush bags there is a pink little jewellery box that has a white AirTag from Apple in it.

Color : Black

Material : 3 bags, makeup brushes, skincare, and underwear and socks, scarves, nude bra, pink gucci dress, Nutella cookies, 2 glasses, one sunglasses and other reading, one travel adapter, apple head charger, a straightener, a purple curler

Location of loss : McDonalds in Firenze station near the washrooms, and pick up food area
City : Florence

Item(s) lost in transport
From : Firenze station Florence
To : Rome
Departure time : 12:28
Arrival time : 14:05

Date of loss : 05/19/2023

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