Lost item(s) : Black wallet including New York State ID, $150 USD, some Colombian pesos, and a black chase visa credit card

Lost item

Description of lost item(s) : A small, black wallet with a visible New York state ID ( the name will be Brian Michael Keith – first 3 digits of ID are 730) in the outermost pocket, a black Chase Visa credit card on the other side, in the main pocket compartment there is at least $150 USD, and at least 100,000 Colombian pesos. The name on the card is Brian Michael Keith

Color : Black
Brand : Travelambo
Model : N/a
Material : Black leather with a cross stitch

Location of loss : I lost the wallet in the airport – I left the restaurant and paid the bill and somewhere between there and gate 5 – when I got to the gate I realized that it wasn't there. I went back to the restaurant and couldn't find it but didn't have a chance to talk to the staff – Cumbia house national I think was the name of the restaurant on my statement. Where the wallet may be located.
City : Medellin

Date of loss : 01/19/2023

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