Lost item(s) : Bright yellow Leuchtturm notebook and a wine red eye glass kit on a plane from Paris (France) to Helsinki (Finland)

Lost item

Description of lost item(s) : A bright yellow Leuchtturm notebook, size A5, almost full written, there´s a date of February on the cover.
I had it when I was onboard from Paris to Helsinki on AF1176, seat 12 C on 9.5.2023
There was a dark purple eye glass box as well.
Both in the seat pocket of 12C.
They were not found in Helsinki, and the plane had left on the following morning 10.5. very early. I´m quite sure that they were in the seat pocket.
The notebook is important to me.

Color : yellow,

Location of loss : Flight AF1176 Paris-Helsinki, 9.5. Seat 12 C.

Date of loss : 05/09/2023

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