Lost item(s) : Brown leather like wallet in a taxi in Lahti (Finland)

Lost item

Description of lost item(s) : My name is Tomás, from Argentina and I lost important documentation on Sunday August 27th in Lahti.
I've been trying to track it in different ways (train, railway station, police) and I remember taking 2 taxis from/to Lahti train station that day, so maybe I lost it in one of the taxis too. Unfortunately I don't have the receipts to be able to tell more of those taxis.
Would there be any chance for you to look for those documents? Could you please check in lost & found? I tried Helsinki train station and they do not have it. Please, it is very important for me.
I lost a brown wallet with 2 debit cards, my Argentinian ID and driver license, Euro cash also, and most importantly my immigration residence permit in Spain. Please would be really important for me to get these ID back. I would appreciate all your efforts in this.
Thanks for your reply, kind regards.

Color : brown

Material : leather like

Location of loss : I may have lost it on a train from Helsinki to Lahti around 10 am in the morning of Sunday 27th of August, or the same day at 4pm from Lahti to Helsinki.
City : Lahti

Date of loss : 08/27/2023

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