Lost item(s) : Gran Sasso jacket/sweater with a hood at Madrid Atocha train station (Spain)

Lost item

Description of lost item(s) : It’s a Gran Sasso jacket / sweater with a hood. Dark blue soft arms and grey chest in polyester. I put it onto the floor into the security machine going to platform 13 to Alicante. The machine on the right and the control point closest to the left end of the platform (next to the café inside the platform area. We looked into the machine but didn’t see anything.

Color : Dark blue and grey
Brand : Gran Sasso

Location of loss : The security control point going to platform 13. The first one next to the cafe at the left end next to the café on the inside. The machine on the right when looking towards the platforms.
City : Madrid Atocha

Date of loss : 05/27/2023

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