Lost item(s) : Gray Eastpak Trolley in train from Geneva (Switzerland) to Milano Centrale (Italy)

Lost item

Description of lost item(s) : Gray Eastpak Trolley that fits into overhead luggage. It is unlocked. The trolley contains a cream suit, brown suede shoes in blue bags, five card games (Tapeworm, Dustbiters, Catan, Sushi Go, Lost Cities), various clothes, underwear from Jack and Jones, a Geneva fridge magnet shaped like a cow.

Color : Gray
Brand : Eastpak

Material : Fabric

Location of loss : Most likely Milano Centrale. Possibly picked up by the woman whose trolley I have instead, or found by staff during cleaning.

There is a small chance the woman took my trolley in a stop between Geneva and Milano Centrale. I do not know for sure.
City : Milano

Item(s) lost in transport
From : Geneva
To : Milano Centrale
Departure time : 07:39
Arrival time : 11:40 planned, 11:55 actual

Date of loss : 09/29/2023

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