Lost item(s) : Grey Burberry card wallet with td debit, credit and health card. Lost it in either 5C or 5E bus

Lost item

Description of lost item(s) : Grey Burberry card wallet. Gold logo with 2 card pockets front and 2 card pockets at the back. Front had New York metro card and TD bank credit card. Back contained Ontario Green health card and TD debit card

Color : Blue-ish grey
Brand : Burberry

Location of loss : It was on 5 bus. Not quite sure which type. It could have been 5E Quigley at Greenhill or 5 Jones at King.
City : Hamilton

Item(s) lost in transport
From : Either Main at Emerson or Osler at university plaza
To : Either Main at Emerson or Main st w at Macklin st s
Departure time : either 8:20pm or 11:47pm

Date of loss : 01/18/2023

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