Lost item(s) : Honor mobile phone in taxi from Uppsala to Stockholm (Sweden)

Lost item

Description of lost item(s) : lost a hionor mobile phine blcak in the taxi from uppsala (i guerss a black one) to Stockholm Airport. We started at the train station ijn uppsala and were at terminal 5 in Szckholm Arlanda bei about 16.55

Color : black
Brand : honorol

Material : plastic .metal a bit damaged on the edge

Location of loss : taxi from uppala train station to arlnada arriving there 16.55
Flight to Berlin 18.05
I paid the driver with my Visa Card (Carl Bethke) so this will be easily to confirm and verfiy.
The taxi driver was about 50-60, english not so well, maybe not of Swedish descent dont know
I gave the mobile phone to the taxi driver to load it for me.
He put it somewhere between his stuff, so it was out of site for me.
i came from a conference at upsala university, and was a bit tired. the taxi driver probaly simply forgot to give the mobile phine back to me. my email is carlbethke@hotmail.com
City : uppsala, arlanda

Item(s) lost in transport
From : Uppsala train station
To : Arlanda airport
Departure time : 1620
Arrival time : 1655

Date of loss : 05/31/2023

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