Lost item(s) : In a hostel at Podbipięty 53, Warszawa, a bag was missing

Lost item

Description of lost item(s) : Men`s black square bag of the Lacoste brand, in which there were a passport, rectangular black wallet of the Lacoste brand. In the wallet were ID card, driver`s licens, 4 bank cards(OptimaBank VISA gold, KyrgyzstanBank VISA gold, DemirBank VISA, KICB Mastercard), 3 small pictures of me, several cheks and 4450PLN. All the documents in the name of T**** A*** T*****ch. Besides these important items, in the bag were some papers from Orange Polska and wet wipes.

Color : Black bag, black wallet, 2 gold bank card, 1 blue bank card, 1 grey bank card, blue id card and passport, grey driver`s license.
Brand : Bag and wallet of the Lacoste brand.

Material : All documents.

Location of loss : In fact, my things were stolen 100% in the hostel at Podbipięty 53, Warszawa where I temporarily live. I’m assuming whoever stole the bag took the money out of it and dumped the rest of the stuff somewhere in the city. If the one who stole did not go far, things could be in the area of Służew, Ursynow, Stegny, Mokotów, Czerniaków.
City : Warsaw

Date of loss : 03/06/2023

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