Lost item(s) : Huawei P30 Pro with Blue Color Casing at the back in Pattaya (Thailand)

Lost item

Description of lost item(s) : On 3rd Sep, I took a grab(booking ID – A-5*****OO, I have the driver’s contact number as well) back to TheBase Central Pattaya and reached there around 5:15AM. I might have dropped it to the floor while getting out of the grab car or on the way back to my room. The Google’s “Find My Phone” service showed the last location of the device was at TheBase Central Pattaya. I tried calling to the Grab’s driver and he told that he searched his car but didn’t see my phone. If he didn’t lie, then the phone must be dropped somewhere in TheBase Central Pattaya. The Google service showed the phone was not back online after 5:15AM, maybe my phone ran out of battery or the person who picked up my phone turned it off. As my phone looks lousy and old, people who picked it up might throw away to dustbin or the bushes nearby, or if the person is good, he will hand it to the security office of TheBase or police station.

Color : Phone in Aurora Color, Casing on the back in blue color, with two white scratches areas
Brand : Huawei P30 Pro
Model : Huawei P30 Pro

Location of loss : I have already described in the last page
City : Pattaya, TheBase Central

Date of loss : 09/03/2023

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