Lost item(s) : IPad Air with foldable Apple keyboard cover at Rio de Janeiro Airport (Brazil)

Lost item

Description of lost item(s) : IPadAir with foldable Apple Key Board. The screensaver shows a Spitfire with four pilots posing in front of it.
The unit was left on board KL806 in Amsterdam on Jun-5 but not found and carried with same plane KL705 to Rio the same day. I can see in the ‘find me’ tool it is at Terminal-2 on Riogaleao airport.

Color : the back is grey metallic
Brand : Apple
Model : IPadAir

Location of loss : Left on board KL806 seat 6K in Amsterdam Schiphol airport on Jun-5 but was not found and carried with same plane to RIO KL705 arriving Jun-5. I can see in the ‘findme’ function that it is still at Terminal-2 Lost & Found RioGaleao Internactional Airport.
I tried to contact them on +55 213398 2013 but they did not answer the phone.

Item(s) lost in transport
From : Amsterdam by KL705
To : RioGaleao Airport
Departure time : june-5 12:50
Arrival time : June-5 19:45

Date of loss : 06/05/2023

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