Lost item(s) : Iphone 11 in a taxi in florence (Italy)

Lost item

Description of lost item(s) : The Iphone 11 is of the color purple and has a business card in its see-through case. The business card has a floral print on it and was picked up from one of my recent travel destinations. The case that was on my phone was see through but very worn out and broken on the bottom right corner. It also had dark stains on the outside corners from daily use. The background picture is a picture of my partner and I on vacation in which we are on a boat, both wearing swimsuits and behind us are some islands.

Color : Purple
Brand : Iphone
Model : 11

Location of loss : The phone was left in a taxi at the camping ground hu firenze camping in town. Taxi number unknown. Last known location of the taxi driver was Via di Rocca Tedalda 79, 50136 Florence or neaby (probably drivers address). Phone was available on FIndMy for multiple hours after it was reported missing, however it most likely turned off now.
City : Florence

Item(s) lost in transport
From : Firenze Santa Maria Novella
To : hu Firenze Camping in Town
Departure time : 3:30pm
Arrival time : 3:52pm

Date of loss : 09/12/2023

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