Lost item(s) : iPhone at Alicante airport (Spain)

Lost item

Description of lost item(s) : Good evening,

We left Alicante today at 20:00hrs and flight number FR6523 to Bordeaux.

During the shuttle bus journey to the aeroplane, my 11 year old sons iPhone has fallen out of his pocket, we noticed when we’d got onto the aircraft, but the shuttle bus had already departed and the cabin crew weren’t able to help so advised I contact you.

It shouldn’t be difficult to find as he was sat on the very back of the bus on the single seat facing toward the front of the bus. It has a black phone case and ten euro note in the back of his phone, along with his swimming card. Please can I ask someone check the area thoroughly as you can imagine these are very expensive items to replace.

I really hope I can have this returned to us and really appreciate any help you can offer us.

Many thanks, A**e Ni*****n.

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Color : Black
Brand : iPhone X

Location of loss : Shuttle bus, individual seat at the back of the bus as he was sat down and it’s fallen out of his pocket.
City : Alicante

Date of loss : 09/01/2023

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