Lost item(s) : iPhone 13 green body with plastic case and blue and white stripes in the Business class lounge at the airport

Lost item

Description of lost item(s) : An iPhone 13 in a green colour
Front – protective glass with two small chips on the top left and base
Rear – protected by plastic/rubber case that has multi colour stripes in blue, white and another colour
Inside the case were two or three SIM cards stuck with sellotape
Also a iPhone pin for opening up the SIM holder

the phone was erased by me from the airplane but did show my wife’s number, who the person who found the phone called. The person said they gave the phone to lost property

Color : Green back iPhone
Brand : iPhone
Model : 13

Location of loss : Business class lounge
left on the Light brown sofa
in the Drinks bar area

found by someone and handed into lost property
I was on the Iberia flight to London at 20.25 on the 30th August

Date of loss : 08/30/2023

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