Lost item(s) : iphone Xs ( 10) on the seat of a yellow taxi in Bangkok (Thaïland)

Lost item

Description of lost item(s) : 1) It is Standard Apple iphone Xs ( that is a iphone 10)
2) The phone had a tempered glass screen protector glued on
3 ) the phone had a metal cover clipped on the back that matches with a wireless charger power bank that i still have that is black iodised looks (like its made of carbon fibre material) . This cover matches with a I phone wireless charging power bank ( that i still have.)
4) the cameras lenses cover ( around the edge) has small but identifiable scratches on the lens group rim.
5) if the power is applied to the Iphone and switched on, a picture of the interior of a small aircrafts instrumental panel will appear.

Color : Black Front white back with black cover clipped on the back
Brand : Apple
Model : XS Serial Number C39YM3N2KPG4
Material : Standard Glass with tempered glass cover

Location of loss : 1) yellow taxi picked up on Sukhumvit/ Soi 19 after 22H30 , taxi number is 543 ( i have a photo of the taxi )
2) Taxi dropped me at condo, at 23h00 in Rama ( Din Daeng) at condo A space I/d
3) when I paid driver i put phon on seat to take my wallet out but left phone on his back seat on the passengers side of the taxi.
4) I have photo of the Car from the security at my Condo A space.
City : BKK

Item(s) lost in transport
From : Corner of Sukhumvit road and Soi 19
To : Condo D A Space ID Rama -Dindaeng
Departure time : just after 22H30
Arrival time : 23H00

Date of loss : 04/27/2023

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