Lost item(s) : Little Brown Toy Bear. March 13th 2023. Lost in front of the Nobel Museum

Lost item

Description of lost item(s) : The Toy Bear Is Brown. About 10 cm long with dark Brown eyes. Little Bear Is importante to us. We have a foto where the Bear Is on the ground in front of a fountain wich Is there in front of the main Door of the Nobel Museum.
Sadly we Discovered too late that the Bear was dropped. After an hour when l turned to pick It up It was gone and nobody had put It in any Place where l could have seen It. I also asked the restaurants near, without any result.

Color : Brown
Brand : Toy Bear, (Bukowski or something like that.
Model : Design of Sweden and made in China.
Material : Artificiale fur

Location of loss : On the ground by fountain near the main Door of the Nobel Museum in the old city of Stockholm.
City : Stockholm

Date of loss : 03/13/2023

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