Lost item(s) : Lost my black fabric bag Microsoft writen on it

Lost item

Description of lost item(s):

I lost a black fabric bag with Microsoft written on it. it contained a bathing suit, flip flops, a towel and pool caps. it happened on 10/21/2022 when I was traveling on bus 52 and then changed to 15B. I’m not exactly sure which of these buses I left my things on. I think it’s still 52 on 21.10.2022. And my sun forgot my small black umbrella in bus #40 on 19.10.2022

Color : Black
Brand : Primack, Microsoft, swan Leishure

Material : Fabrik


Location of loss:

Trinity Coledge Green

Item(s) lost in transport
From : Ringensend road
To :
Departure time : 14.15
Arrival time :

Date of loss: 21/10/2022

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