Lost item(s) : I lost my small navy-blue rucksack with keys, tHermal cup, umbrella, T-shirt, some cosmetics and food

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Description of lost item(s) : Yesterday, on March 13th about 16.45 in the overcrowded RER B train to CDG airport (at the station Chatelet-Les Halles) I lost my small navy-blue rucksack with keys, thermal cup, red umbrella, pink T-shirt, white telephone charger, some medicines, cosmetics and food.

Color : navy blue small rucksack with many pockets

Material : synthetic

Location of loss : RER B station Chatelet-Les Halles.
I was in the train to CDG Airport. At the stop at Chatelet-Les Halles, when a crowd of people was leaving the train, my rucksack probably slipped off my shoulders. When the train started and I realised that I lost my rucksack, one of the passengers told me that she saw somebody on the platform raising the rucksack up (as if he showed and asked whose it is?). But it was too late for me to come one stop back, because I could be late for the flight.
City : Paris, Chatelet Les Halles RER B station

Date of loss : 03/13/2023

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