Lost item(s) : Passport, Asus laptop and 2 bank cards at platform 7, Brussels Nord staton (Belgium)

Lost item

Description of lost item(s) : 1 Vietnam Passport, its number: is C2*******5 (a green colour Passport)
1 Asus laptop (Asus expertbook), it is a black color, 14inch laptop
2 bank card of Belfius bank contained in 2 white envelops (each card have 800 euro, I don’t remember the card Number)
600 euro in cash.

Color : Passport in green, laptop in black and bank card in red-black
Brand : Laptop is Asus laptop, bank card is Belfius bank
Model : Laptop is asus expertbook B1400CEAE EK5091
Material : Laptop made from plastic

Location of loss : I lost my Itims at platform 7, Brussels Nord station, Brussels city, Belgium. I lost them at 9:40 PM. I scare some guys who stand close our group took them when we looking for the train at that time.
City : Brussels, Belgium

Date of loss : 11/10/2023

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