Lost item(s) : Samsung Galaxy note 20 ultra 5G Phone at Rome airport (Italy)

Lost item

Description of lost item(s) : i was walking to the Train 5 terminal leading to Florence at 12:36 2023-09-11 and I believe when i was trying to go up the stairs trying to carry the many things we had it must have fell out of my pocket.

we used (find my phone app) and it said the last known location was what looked like the long hallway leading to the different trains or at the bottom of the stairs to the 5th terminal. its a big phone with an Otter box case blueish in color. we tried to connect to it to get it to ring or call it ourselves but it is going straight to voicemail and the ring feature is not working so it might be turned off.

please let me know if you have any luck with someone returning this item thank you verry much.

Color : its a black phone with a dark blue otter box case
Brand : Android samsung
Model : Galaxy note 20 ultra 5G
Material : just the cell phone

Location of loss : long hallway leading up to each gate 1-20

we used the stairs at Gate 5
City : Rome

Date of loss : 09/11/2023

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