Lost item(s) : Set of 3 house keys on a black leather and gold keychain in a Florence taxi (Italy)

Lost item

Description of lost item(s) : I took a taxi from the Florence Santa Maria Novella train station yesterday, October 24, around 3pm, and my destination was on the corner of Via del Proconsolo and Borgo degli Albizzi. I lost my house keys to my apartment and it's a terrible problem. Has anyone found them?? Unfortunately I don't know my taxi number because I paid in cash and didn't take the receipt because it was raining and I was rushing with my luggage. The car was small and white and my driver was a woman. Please, any help would be greatly appreciated? This is a set of 3 keys on a black and gold leather key ring. One key is a large iron skeleton key, one key is plain silver, and the third key has a pink rubber band around the top of the key. Thank you so much 🙏

Color : Silver keys, black key, black leather key chain with gold metal ring

Location of loss : Backseat of a taxi
City : Firenze

Item(s) lost in transport
From : SMN Train station
To : Closest corner to my address (Via Giraldi, 10, Firenze) which was the corner of Via del Proconsolo and Borgo degli Albizzi
Departure time : Approx 3pm (15:00)
Arrival time : Approx 3:15pm (15:15)

Date of loss : 10/24/2023

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