Lost item(s) : Two black soft shell suitcases during a Vueling flight from Palma de Mallorca airport (Spain) to Genoa (Italy)

Lost item

Description of lost item(s) : Lot’s of expensive clothes, golden therapy tool with many therapeutic information glasses, piano music sheets and albums, books, tango shoes and clothes etc, ect

Color : Our items have all colors
Brand : No brand
Model : No special models
Material : Leather ect

Location of loss : Written before!! WE did not loose our luggage, the airline Vuelung was responsible to change our luggage from the missed connected flight in Barcelona to the changed one to Milan!!! Originally the contract with Vueling was from Palma de Mallorca over Barcelona to Genua! Since 7 days we are now looking for our luggage – but no one knows where it is and is prepared to help!!
City : Not applicable

Date of loss : 11/08/2023

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