Lost item(s) : Two gray hard shell suitcases (brand AWAY) at Bogota airport (Colombia)

Lost item

Description of lost item(s) : Gray shard-shell suitcase by brand AWAY. It contained my clothes, a wireless keyboard and selfie light ring. The suitcase is not marked in any way to identify, but there should be some pill bottles inside it with my name. The person that mistakenly took it will rive to his destination without any of his items, as these were both to be carried-on with us on the plane.

Color : Gray
Brand : AWAY

Material : plastic (hard-shell)

Location of loss : during the security late of international flight at Bogota, Colombia (BOG). My backpack was being inspected an a security officer, as my suitcase stayed on the belt and the other traveler took it not realizing that his was closer to the x-ray machine.
City : Bogota

Date of loss : 11/07/2023

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