Lost item(s) : White iPhone 11 in the plane from geneva (Switzerland) to Lisbon (Portugal)

Lost item

Description of lost item(s) : Dears,

the 3 November I took the flight Geneva – Lisbon TP0941/030 that left Geneva at 12 am and landed in Lisbona at 13 35. My seat was 21B

I forgot my Iphone 11 (white) with cover on the pocket in front of my seat.

I realized that I forgot it as soon as i descent from the bus that bring me to the arrivals terminal but I couldn’t go back.

I made a claim to you immediately (file attached) but you wasn not able to recover it before I took the coincidence to Brasil.

The phone contains highly confidential information of my Law Firm and important files for legal proceedings and I would really need to recover it.

Please contact my partner at this number as soon as you find it 0041******96 o to my email ma*****ni83@gmail.com

I kindly ask you to treat this file with high priority.

Best regards,

Gianni Mariani

Color : white
Brand : iphone 11
Model : i phone 11 white with full transparent cover with black borders

Location of loss : in the pocket of the plane TAP Lisbon TP0941/030 that left Geneva at 12 am the 3 November 2023 and landed in Lisbona at 13 35. My seat was 21B

City : Lisbon

Date of loss : 11/03/2023

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