Lost item(s) : Women’s beanie hat on London waterloo station steps (UK)

Lost item

Description of lost item(s) : The item is a small ladies beanie hat in fawn or neutral colour, ribbed, It may be cashmere (and there for very expensive to replace!) Not sure the exact material, but very soft and no brand markings on the exterior. Also, sentimental value. May have lost it as entering Waterloo station on steps from South Bank., or in station itself, near statue at higher numbered platforms, Wednesday evening

Color : Fawn / camel / neutral colour
Brand : NOt sure. No outer brand markings
Model : Not known
Material : Cashmere (I think)

Location of loss : May have been lost of steps into Waterloo station or just outside at the bottom of the steps, or just indoors at the top of the steps leading up towards he statue
City : London

Date of loss : 11/01/2023

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