Lost item(s) : A wool bag with a tie dye purse Incl driving license, klm ID card, credit card and other cards

Lost item

Description of lost item(s) : I remember I still had my bag on my way to San Antonioto to pick up something at Carretera Cala Gracio 21
Bloque 3 Piso A 5
San Antonio.
Afterwards I drove to Restaurant Cas Costas in Sant Jordi.
I checked with Cas Costas Staff and also my friends, my bag is lost

Color : Sandy /Brown /beige colours
Brand : None
Model : Square shoulderbag about 20 x 30 cm
Material : Woven Wool bag from Peru

Location of loss : I described it in an earlier question
City : Sant Jordi Cas Costas or San Antonio

Date of loss : 01/27/2023

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