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Lost items If you have recently lost one or more item(s), the platform allows you to report the loss of one or more item(s) using an online form.
This service is available to individuals and professionals, and is accessible 24/7.
We invite you to describe in detail your lost item(s) to facilitate the identification work.

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Objet perdu Si vous avez récemment perdu un ou plusieurs objet(s), la plateforme vous permet de déclarer la perte d’un ou plusieurs objet(s) à l’aide d’un formulaire en ligne.
Ce service est disponible pour les particuliers et les professionnels, et est accessible 24h/24 et 7j/7.
Nous vous invitons à décrire en détail votre ou vos objet(s) perdu(s) afin de faciliter le travail d’identification.

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objetos perdidos Si ha perdido recientemente uno o varios objeto(s), la plataforma le permite notificar la pérdida de uno o varios objeto(s) mediante un formulario.
Este servicio está disponible para particulares y profesionales, y es accesible las 24 horas del día.
Le invitamos a describir detalladamente su(s) objeto(s) perdido(s) para facilitar el proceso de identificación.

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Lost and found service

Our MISSION is to accompany you as well as possible in your research

Welcome to, this website allows you to report the loss of one or more items so that a member of our team can contact the relevant lost and found service(s) depending on the location of your item.
You can report a lost item : in public transportation (airplane, bus, subway..) or a specific place (airport, park, on the street, parking spot…)

We also offer online publications for you to obtain the direct contact information of many lost and found services all over the world in order to quickly contact them to find your belongings.

Our team does everything in its power to assist you in your efforts.

Each report is managed by a single contact person to ensure better follow-up and a better quality of service.
Our greatest satisfaction is to announce to you that following our research, we found your item.

We wish for our platform to remain independent, we ask our users to choose an amount of remuneration for the member of our team who will carry out a work of research of the lost item(s).

This remuneration allows our team to ensure quality work throughout the year.
The work of research and dissemination of reports of lost items is a full-time job, the act of making a payment when reporting on our platform can finance it and enable a dedicated team to be in place.
Thank you to the contributors who thank every day the members of the platform team for their time and energy devoted to the dissemination of the many lost item reports.

As you know, we cannot guarantee that you will find your object following your report.
However, we are committed to doing everything we can to help you find what you have lost !

It is possible to lose everything and anywhere

The more the item is handled outside, the more likely it is to be forgotten in a moment of loss.

Each person attributes a different value to an object or to a type of item, some people are very attached to photos for example and the loss of a camera or a cell phone containing thousands of photos can cause many strong emotions.

Our team does everything possible to accompany you in case you’ve lost an object that has strong personal value, whether it is a child’s teddy bear, a keychain, your cell phone or your wallet, we will do our best to maximize your chances of finding your lost item.

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If you forget or lose an item, if you wish, you can use our online reporting service. Simply fill out our online form describing the lost item and the potential location(s) of loss.

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List of recent lost items

We receive a large number of reports of lost items every day, we have set up a dedicated section that allows Internet users to consult the most recent reports from our platform.

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Contact INFORMATION for lost and found services

We have listed contact information for many Lost and Found services for over 300 cities around the world.
We have classified our publications by country and then by city.

Our recent publications

In this section, you will find our new publications, we regularly share with you the contact details of lost property services for new locations.