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Terms and conditions of the website Lost-found.org

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The general conditions of use of the lost-found.org site apply in a complementary manner to the general conditions of our lost object reporting service available on the site as well as to our policy on cookies and our confidentiality policy in terms of data management as well as to the information present on our Legal Notice page.

Any use of the site implies full acceptance without reservation of the entirety of these general conditions of use.

Each Internet user acknowledges that the site is an independent platform for reporting lost objects, that the site and the company publishing the site do not manage or collect lost objects.

Each Internet User acknowledges that there are several platforms on the Internet for reporting the loss of one or more objects and that in no case is he or she under any obligation to report the loss of an object via the Site.

Each Internet user recognizes that the collection and management of lost and found objects in a French city is the responsibility of the city hall of the city concerned and in no case is the site in partnership, association or affiliation with one or more city halls.

Each Internet user recognizes the independence of the site and its reporting service and the fact that it is not in partnership or associated with French cities, private and/or public places such as airports, train stations, monuments, etc.

Each Internet user acknowledges that the site requires an Internet connection to function as a whole.
In this respect, the User declares that he/she is familiar with and has mastered Internet navigation, its characteristics and limitations, and recognizes in particular that data transmissions on the Internet are only relatively technically reliable, as they circulate on heterogeneous networks with varying characteristics and technical capacities that may sometimes be saturated at certain peak periods, and that data circulating on the Internet is not protected against possible misappropriation and confidential codes and, more generally, any information of a sensitive nature is transmitted at the User’s own risk.

Each Internet user undertakes not to use the site in a manner not provided for in these conditions of use.
In particular, the Internet user undertakes not to use the site to transmit statements that do not comply with the laws and regulations in force in France.

Each Internet user undertakes not to use the site in a way that could render it inaccessible, damage it or prevent it from functioning optimally.

Reporting the loss of one or more items requires filling out an online form on the site.
The reporting procedure is carried out according to the following terms and conditions: to report a lost item(s) on the site, the Internet user must be a natural person who is at least 18 years old and the Internet user must provide a valid e-mail address, as well as personal information so that we can contact him/her if a person reports having found his/her lost item(s).

The User is entirely responsible for the accuracy, sincerity and truthfulness of the information he/she provides when reporting a lost item(s).
The publishing company of this site cannot be held responsible because of an error in the seizure of this information.

The Internet user acknowledges that he/she is responsible for the payment of any fees or expenses related to the use of the site, including the fees charged by his/her Internet service provider for the use of the network and data sharing.

The Internet user recognizes that he/she is responsible for the use of the site, that he/she alone is responsible for the use he/she makes of the site and the content he/she communicates. He/she is notably responsible for the content produced by him/her through one or several lost object(s) reports.

The publishing company of this site reserves the right to suspend access to the site in whole or in part without notice, particularly in the event of corrections, updates and/or maintenance.
The publishing company of this site can in no way be held responsible for any prejudice and/or loss that may result for the Internet user.

Due to the hazards linked to the decentralization of the Internet network, the publishing company of this site does not provide any guarantee of continuity of service or absence of errors on the site.

The company publishing this site is not responsible if any malfunction of the site, beyond its control, prevents access to the lost and found reporting service.

The User undertakes to take all appropriate measures to protect his/her own data and software from contamination by any computer virus.

The publishing company of this site will not be responsible for any damage suffered or caused by the use of the site whether material or immaterial.

Update of the page General conditions of use of the site lost-found.org
The present general conditions of use were updated on 20/06/2022.
The publishing company of this website reserves the right to modify at any time the present General Conditions of Use in order to take into account the evolution of legal requirements and/or processing practices.
Each of the said modifications will be published on our site.