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The use of our website and the use of our lost and found reporting service is subject to the full acceptance and respect by the users of our privacy policy.

The terms of our privacy policy apply in addition to the terms and conditions of our lost and found reporting service available on the Site, as well as our cookie policy and our general terms of use, and the information on our Legal page.
The user agrees to make personal and non-commercial use of the information contained on the Site.

In this Privacy Policy, the term “personal data” means any information that identifies or could reasonably be used to identify an individual.

In addition to the information on this “Privacy Policy” page, please also see our Legal Notice, the Terms and Conditions of Use for our reporting service, and our Cookie Policy.
Together, these documents outline how we handle your personal data.

Please read this policy carefully to understand our practices regarding your personal data.

You are currently on the website.
This website offers a lost and found reporting service on its platform.

An online form is available on the website to report the loss of one or more items.

Each Internet user is free to consult the website without having to fill in the online form to report the loss of one or more items.

Description of how we collect personal data :
As a lost and found reporting platform providing access to an information base, we receive personal data as part of our reporting service via an online form.

The personal data we collect and process includes :

Personal data that you provide to us via an online form accessible via the URL, including:

We collect: first and last name, postal address, telephone number and e-mail address so that we can contact you by post and/or e-mail and/or telephone if an Internet user reports to us that they have found your lost item(s).

How long we keep your personal data :
We keep your personal data for a period of 36 months.
If you contact us to delete your report published on our platform, your personal data will also be deleted.

Description of how personal data is used :
We use your personal data to provide you with a reporting service, to support and develop our services, including:

To provide you with the requested service(s)
To execute the services concluded between an Internet user and the company that publishes this website or between the company that publishes this website and our partner (payment processing)
To send you information related to our services by e-mail and/or any other means of communication;
To inform you of changes to our services
To manage our website, in particular for the purpose of searching for the owner(s) of lost item(s).
To comply with any legal obligations, including court orders and other legal or regulatory requirements.
Description of how we transmit personal data to the platform
We are partnered with the platform which is managed and edited by a third party company, the platform requires the use of cookies for optimal display and exchange of information between the site and their platform

We will communicate your personal data with the platform only in the following situation:

When a user chooses to pay a financial reward to a member of the team of the platform
We do not collect or store any banking information on our server for security reasons.

Description of the legal basis for the processing of personal data
We collect, use and disclose the data we have in our possession in the following ways:

When necessary for the provision of services on our site and for the execution of the Terms of Use of our lost and found reporting service
Following your consent when you fill out our online reporting form accessible via the URL, which you can revoke at any time by contacting us by mail or e-mail.
Where necessary to comply with any legal obligations
Description of how we transfer personal data to lost and found services
When we transfer personal data of Internet users, we do so in accordance with applicable data protection laws and we take appropriate security measures to ensure its integrity and protection.

We may transfer personal data if the Internet user chooses to pay a member of the platform team to forward his or her lost item(s) report by e-mail, contact form and/or telephone to one or more lost & found service(s) depending on the location and type of lost item(s).

Description of how we secure personal data
We have taken security measures on our web hosting to prevent unlawful processing of personal data but also for any loss, destruction or damage of personal data.

How can I exercise my personal data rights ?

Use of cookies
Our partner, which specializes in financial transaction security, requires the use of cookies for the proper functioning of its services.
A banner requesting consent is displayed for each Internet user visiting a page of the site
To learn more, we invite you to consult our policy on cookies.

You can also consult the cookie policy of the platform

Updated Privacy Policy Page
This Privacy Policy was updated on 20/06/2022.
The publisher of this website reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time in order to take into account the evolution of legal requirements and/or processing practices.
Each of these modifications will be published on our website.