Lost item(s) : Amazon Kindle Paperwhite reading tablet on plane from Oslo (Norway) to Malaga (Spain)

Lost item

Description of lost item(s) : Amazon Kindle paperwhite 5 (11th generation) 6.8". Color: Black. It is inside a cover with black and pink colors. The unit is in flight mode. When the cover is opened, the unit is turned on. Swipe up and the book is opened to a page in English in very small fonts.

Color : Black with a cover in black and pink
Brand : Amazon Kindle paperwhite 5
Model : version 5 11th generation
Material : Cover: rough surface

Location of loss : Backseat pocket, seated at 27B when flying from Oslo, Norway to Malaga airport on Norwegian D8 5025 with arrival at 20:20 on Thursday 9 November.
City : Malaga

Date of loss : 11/09/2023

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