Lost item(s) : Black coat from Mango on a train from Shrewsbury to Manchester Picaddilly (United Kingdom)

Lost item

Description of lost item(s) : The coat is long and black, womens size small, from Mango (label inside is ripped). There should be a paid of white Apple airpods in the pocket of the coat, as well as a Refy lipstick and a dark green wallet with my drivers license, Monzo card, Halifax card, next voucher and lululemon voucher inside. I hope that either the whole coat with all items inside can be found if not at least one item.

Color : Black (coat), dark green (wallet), white (airpods)

Location of loss : I think I left it on the train from Shrewsbury to Manchester, I changed at Wilmslow station – I have already checked this station and nothing was handed in. However, I did ‘find my airpods’ on my phone and the last location was 9pm on Saturday 6th of May at Wilmslow Station. I am not able to track their location anymore.
City : Manchester

Item(s) lost in transport
From : Shrewsbury
To : Manchester Picadilly
Departure time : 8pm
Arrival time : 9pm

Date of loss : 05/06/2023

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