Lost and Found Bus Bremen

Lost found bus Bremen
lost items If you have lost one or several item(s), you will find information on how to contact a lost and found property service on this page.

Contact informations following the loss of an item

info lost and found Name : BSAG-Büro Artikel Domsheide Kundencenter gefunden
adress lost and found Adress : Balgebrückstrasse 11
28195 Bremen

phone number lost and found Phone number : +49 421/55 96 7575
opening hours lost property Opening hours : Monday-frisay 7:00 am to 7:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

website adress lost and found Website : https://www.bsag.de/service/weitere-leistungen/fundbuero.html

List of the main items found

  • Lost Personal Items : Keys, ID, Passport, Wallet, Documents, Badge, Licence (...)
  • Lost Electronics : Phone, Tablet, Device charger, Camera, Laptop, Headphones (...)
  • Lost Accessories : Purse, Bag, Backpack, Sunglasse, Eyeglasse, Jewellery (...)
  • Lost Clothing : Gloves, Cap, Hat, Scarf, Sweater, Coat, Vest (...)