Lost item(s) : Golden watch (brand: Kapten & Son) at the train station in Tampere or Turku (Finland)

Lost item

Description of lost item(s) : It is a golden watch from the brand “Kapten & son”. The wristlet is golden mesh and the clock face is white. The brand’s name is also written onto the clock face. A picture of the model can be found at the brand’s website.

Color : gold and white
Brand : Kapten & Son
Model : Campus Small Gold Mesh
Material : premium steel

Location of loss : I took the VR-train (Pendolino 44) from Vasa to Turku on Wednesday, May 3rd at 06:44 and switched trains at Tampere (we arrived at 08:50 and got off at Tampere at 09:10 by VR Inter City 910). The train arrived at Turku at around 10:50. Then we walked from Turku main station to the university (Tehtaankatu 2, 20500 Turku). The way from the station to the university was: Ratapihankatu, crossover to Helsingkatu, over the bridge, then right into jokikatu.
I either lost my watch when switching trains at Tampere or during walking to Turku university. I really hope it has been found!
City : Turku

Date of loss : 05/03/2023

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