Lost item(s) : Grey canvas rolling duffel in Zurich airport (Switzerland)

Lost item

Description of lost item(s) : Grey rolling canvas soft-side duffel with hard black back, two wheels, extending handle, two front pockets with black zippers, and no name tag. The bottom front zipper pocket contains three bags of candy: Junior Mints, Lifesavers Fruit Berry Gummies, and Welch’s Fruit Gummies. The top zipper pocket contains several smartphone charging , and the bag itself contains, among other things, two stuffed bears (one white, one black), a small but powerful black flashlight, and some dual-jack wall chargers with folding, American-style plugs.

Color : Gray canvas, black zippers, black back and two black wheels.
Brand : DaKine

Material : Heavy canvas. I think the brand name is Cordura.

Location of loss : It was accidentally abandoned at either the security x-ray screening, or possibly the passport screening kiosks.
City : Zurich, my home is in Florida

Date of loss : 10/22/2023

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