Lost item(s) : Headphone set on the departure security belt in Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport (Thaïland)

Lost item

Description of lost item(s) : I left my headphone set sit inside a grey color triangular headphone box on Novement 6th at about 5pm at BKK airport. When I was going through departure security check. I put all of my personal belongings on the belt for security scan. However, it seems like my headphone box set didn’t come out on time, and hence I could not pick up my headphone. The headphone is a Sennheser Monmentum 4 in grey color with triangular shape box.

Color : grey
Brand : Sennheser Monmentum 4
Model : Sennheser Monmentum 4

Location of loss : BKK departure security belt
City : BKK airport

Date of loss : 11/06/2023

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