Lost item(s) : Hearing Aids in their Box on the train to Birmingham (UK)

Lost item

Description of lost item(s) : Pair of hearing aid Product Code STARICE20R, Model EVOLV AI 2000 RIC Rechargeable. Behind ear type. The box is ca 12cm/10cm/8cm (high) and the colour is dark grey / black.

Color : dark grey / black
Brand : Starkey
Model : EVOLV AI 2000 RIC Rechargeable
Material : Plastic

Location of loss : I travelled on two trains: 07:25 CrossCountry from Manchester to Birmingham NS and 09:15 from New Street to University. Before leaving the train in Birmingham, I had put the hearing aids in their box and the box in my bicycle panner. It had disappeared by the time I reached the University of Birmingham.

I travelled in coach G (first class) from Manchester P to Birmingham NS and in the first vestibule of the train from New Street to University.
City : Birmingham

Item(s) lost in transport
From : Manchester Piccadilly
To : University Station (Birmingham)
Departure time : 07:25
Arrival time : 09:28

Date of loss : 09/04/2023

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