Lost item(s) : 15 inch Dell 2-in-1 Laptop at Lima airport (Peru)

Lost item

Description of lost item(s) : Hello,

I believe I accidentally left my laptop in the Lima airport security line in one of the bins (it was the security for people going through connecting international flights, if that helps narrow it down). It was on May 3rd, between 8-9AM. It lives inside a black protective foam case and has a dark sparkly purple vinyl wrap on the top cover. There is also a mouse pad inside the case with a horse on it.

In the case that it has already been found, please email me as my Ecuadorian SIM card cannot receive international calls. Or, if you happen to have whatsapp, my number is +1(***)**6-**53.

I am currently in Ecuador and am not planning on coming back to Peru. In the case that it is found, I would have to ship it home to ny address in the United States.

I’m a photographer and videographer and that laptop has all of my projects on it from the past 5 years, so if there’s any chance its already been found please contact me right away! I will be waiting eagerly by the phone in hopes of a response. Thanks so so much in advance for all of your help!!

S** P*****e

Color : Dark Sparkly Purple/ Grey
Brand : DELL
Model : DELL 15″ 2-in-1 Inspirion 7573
Material : Metal

Location of loss : I left it in one of the security line bins at the international connection security checkpoint. I came from La Paz, Bolivia if that helps narrow down which checkpoint I would’ve gone through.
City : N/A

Date of loss : 05/03/2023

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