Lost item(s) : I lost a black wallet, it is from Pull & Bear and it has all my documents inside, plus some money.

Lost item

Description of lost item(s):

I lost it last night (13th of october 2022). The wallet is black, not too big and it has written Pull & Bear on one side. It has my ID, a bank card, a university ID, a European health insurance card, another health insurance card, the transport certificate, some money and stickers inside, and others.

Color : Black
Brand : Pull & Bear

Material : 100% polyurethane and 70% polyurethane – 30% polyester


Location of loss:

Last nice I was in a Kiosk near Frisenplatz (Frisen Kiosk in Frisenstrasse), I was in Mohrenstrasse, I walked and I stayed in the Zum Scheuen Reh Bar (in the outside area), and I was in an apartment near the hansaring train station (5min by walk).

City : Köln
Item(s) lost in transport

Date of loss: 13/10/2022

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