Lost item(s) : Luggage in a Rome taxi (Italy)

Lost item

Description of lost item(s) : This afternoon I took a taxi from Rome Termina.
We were 4 people with 8 luggage in a big white 6 seater car and were dropped at off at Labanca's house, Via dei Savorelli, 54, 00165 Roma RM, Italy at around 1:58pm.

While removing luggage from the car we missed 1 bag pack – brand (wild craft – black with green buckle), probably was hidden behind the folder seat in the back.
The driver was fair and bald. We don't have any contact information nor vehicle information.

We are tourist in Rome and leaving the city on 14th September in the morning.

Any help would be appreciated. We are willing to pay drop off charge of the bag pack.

Color : Dyson hair Straightener in black velvet cover, blue toiletry bag,makeup bag, soft toy
Brand : Dyson

Material : Dyson hair straighteners, make up accessories bag

Location of loss : In the taxi while getting dropped

Item(s) lost in transport
From : Rome termina
To : 54 Via dei Savorelli, 00165, Italy
Departure time : 1:30pm
Arrival time : 1:58pm

Date of loss : 09/12/2023

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