Lost item(s) : Samsung S20 phone in Paris taxi (France)

Lost item

Description of lost item(s) : The valet at our Paris hotel hailed a taxi for us outside the hotel at 83 Avenue Kleber to transport us to the Aux Lyonaise restaurant at 18:40. We arrived at the restaurant around 19:00.
The taxi driver said that he had worked seven straight days and was “tres fatigue” and was heading home for rest after our fare.
I think the phone was left on the seat in the rear passenger side of the taxi
The lost phone is very plain with a basic cover and screen protector

Color : Black
Brand : Samsung
Model : S20

Location of loss : On the back of the taxi
City : Paris

Item(s) lost in transport
From : Hotel La Clef Tour Eiffel 83 Avenue Kleber
To : Aux Lyonaise restaurant
Departure time : 18:40
Arrival time : 19:00

Date of loss : 05/05/2023

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